"Esports" is simply the short name for electronic sports. It is a form of competition between players using computers or gaming consoles. There are many competitive gaming leagues that compete with a wide variety of games. The bigger esports leagues host events for Counter Strike, League of Legends, and Overwatch. We take part in the collegiate tournaments through hosts such as Tespa and Collegiate Starleague.
The esports organization is is a child organization of ATSO. ATSO has a $20 membership fee but that is all. The membership fee covers an esports shirt or ATSO polo. There is an optional fee to upgrade your Tespa membership. Tespa is one of our sponsors and this upgrade will get you a shirt, gaming mousepad, and some exclusive digital rewards.
Sign up on our website or just show up to one of our weekley meetings! ATSO has a meeting every wednesday during the school year. The meetings are at 4:30pm in Hammond Hall room 104.
The only requirement we have is that you are a student of Fort Hays State University. Some tornaments may require you to be a full time student.
We encourage our members to branch out and start teams for new games. We love adding new teams and will provide you with everything you need to get a team started.
Yes you can! It is much harder to find tournaments on console but we have lots of members that play PC and console. Help us grow our console side!