LAN refers to Local Area Network, in which a bunch of laptops and desktops are connected to each other so that they can play games together. Our main focus is PC gaming, but there are plenty of console gamers too.
To get into the event will cost $5 USD, and to play in the tournaments will cost $5 USD (which includes entry to any and all premium tournaments at TigerLAN).
We do have every participant sign a waiver, which is provided at the door. Participants under the ages of 18 will need parental consent. Registration is only required during the LAN for participation in our tournaments. We also create "ad-hoc" tournaments, if there is enough interest. There's something for everyone, even if you don't have a gaming rig. We have ATSO members bring their own consoles and other technologies. Before you are allowed to enter the LAN you will need to sign our Liability Waver.
Even though this is mainly an event for FHSU students and faculty, we welcome anyone that is willing to adhere to the main rule: Respect each other while having fun. We're encouraging all local high school students to come, as well as other college students from the surrounding area.
If you want to play a PC game, you'll want to bring your own laptop or desktop to play it on. The same goes for consoles. Bring whatever you want! Please keep it to one monitor/TV though ;)
TigerLAN esports is a group of FHSU students who compete in collegiate level game tournaments. It is a proud subgroup of ATSO and was named after our LAN events. You can find more about it at